S-Shape Zigzag Sofa Spring Coiling Cutting Making Machine

Looking for an efficient S-Shape Zigzag Sofa Spring Coiling Cutting Making Machine? Look no further! We are a factory specializing in manufacturing top-quality machinery.
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Max 250PCS/Min
Wire Feed Servo Power
Cam Servo Motor
Pitch Axis Servo Power
Power Supply
Equipment Name
Sofa Spring Making Machine
Other Name
Cam Machine
Transport Package
Export Wooden Case with Bottom Frame
Xingtai, Hebei, China
Production Capacity
20 Sets/Month

Product Description

S-Shape Zigzag Sofa Spring coiling cutting Making Machine
Product Description

The introduction of Sofa Spring Making Machine
The machine is designed with cam, with fast speed, high precision and good stability.
The computer control system of Taiwan and the servo motor imported from Japan are adopted.
The transmission line adopts the line turning mechanism,which is more stable and convenient for debugging.
The computer is a Chinese English interface,which is easy to operate.
It is suitable for producing straight spring,pagoda pressing spring and rectangular spring.

Mechanical features and functions of Sofa Spring Making Machine
simple structure,convenient installation,stable performance
1. The computer can switch on and off quickly,operate simply and conveniently,support multi language operation,and the computer interface can adjust the speed and change the program while producing.
2. All imported high-precision high-speed servo motors and all imported reducers are adopted in the configuration,which are stable and durable,and the production speed is more than 30% higher than that of domestic counterparts.
3. The production process can achieve no change of angle when the quick angle is not painful,and the production stability is better.
4. Bearing, gear and other important parts are imported parts,which guarantee 9125 hours,and the equipment is durable and reliable.
5. High precision,can make 2.0-14mm wire diameter range.S-Shape Zigzag Sofa Spring Coiling Cutting Making MachineS-Shape Zigzag Sofa Spring Coiling Cutting Making MachineS-Shape Zigzag Sofa Spring Coiling Cutting Making MachineThe reasons to choose us:
1. Reasonable design,convenient
2. High speed: the line turning speed is as high as 150 rpm, the high speed curve turning speed/high precision, the sliding seat speed is 400 cycle/ min,and the line feeding speed is 54950 mm/min
3. High precision: wire delivery accuracy is plus or minus 0.01mm, sliding seat non-contact optical inductive memory origin switch,accurate positioning, fast speed,bending accuracy up to plus or minus 0.1-0.5 degrees,core rotation accuracy up to plus or minus 0.1 degrees.
4. High ease of mind: alarm for wire break of wire feeding frame, safety door protection mechanism,provide all-round protection for operator and machine,arm and rotating line with brake motor,ensure production safety,arm rGH heavy rail,long-term accuracy,no deformation.
5. High ease of use: the straightener has short stroke,easy alignment,straightening within 5 minutes,strong practicability,convenient,flexible and safe installation and debugging of cutter base.
6.14 axis hand wheel programming is more convenient.
7. The operation of wire rack is simpler.

Product Parameters

The parameter of  YF-8320 Sofa Spring Making Machine

Technical Parameter
Model YF-8320 YF-8330
Max outer diameter of coiled material Φ0.4-Φ2.0mm Φ1.0-Φ3.0mm
Max outer diameter of coiled spring Max Φ60mm Max Φ80mm
Wire feed instruction value ±0.01-±9999.99 ±0.01-±9999.99
Speed Max 250pcs/min Max 300pcs/min
Cam instruction value ±0.1°-±359.9° ±0.1°-±359.9°
Wire feed servo power 1.2kw 4.5kw
Cam servo motor 1.0kw 4.5kw
Pitch axis servo power 0.75kw 0.4kw
Power supply 380V±10%V50HZ 380V±10%V50HZ
Size 1000*1000*1600mm 900*1000*1600mm
Weight 400kg 800kg
S-Shape Zigzag Sofa Spring Coiling Cutting Making Machine S-Shape Zigzag Sofa Spring Coiling Cutting Making Machine S-Shape Zigzag Sofa Spring Coiling Cutting Making Machine
Forming workpiece

S-Shape Zigzag Sofa Spring Coiling Cutting Making MachineS-Shape Zigzag Sofa Spring Coiling Cutting Making Machine

Packaging & Shipping

Sofa Spring Making Machine
Packing:export wooden case with Bottom iron frame,or according to customer'demand.
Shipping:by sea or by land,within 7-15 days after receiving order.S-Shape Zigzag Sofa Spring Coiling Cutting Making Machine

Company Profile
Xingtai Judu Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research,development,design,production and sales of CNC limited time automatic molding equipment and its functional robots.Located in Xingtai,China,the company has always adhered to the management belief of "scientific and technological innovation,quality first",laid a solid foundation at home and abroad,and became a well-known professional brand in China.
We are a manufacturer of servo CNC wire forming and bending equipment in Hebei Province.We can produce 0.2-16mm wire diameter forming equipment and 3-16mm automobile seat frame 3D forming machine.Our automation equipment,system and servo control are from Sanyo and Yaskawa of Japan. Our computer system has introduced mature technology from Taiwan.The equipment has high precision wire feeding and stable forming action,The existing cnc-2 series,cnc-3 series,3d-cnc,2d-cnc series are favored by the majority of customers.For many years,the sales volume ranks the top in the industry,and the equipment serves more than 2000 manufacturers in 15 countries around the world.
We have been pursuing the road of professional development,and always adhere to the principle of "quality assurance, customer first,always master the core technology, excellent manufacturing process and product quality control,take charge of wire forming and bending,auto parts,kitchen stainless steel pendant and all kinds of spring production enterprise partners,and use our professional services to help customers create re enjoyment value".
S-Shape Zigzag Sofa Spring Coiling Cutting Making Machine S-Shape Zigzag Sofa Spring Coiling Cutting Making Machine
Our Advantages

Why choose Judu machine tool to buy Sofa Spring Making Machine:

20 years of CNC machine tool manufacturing experience sales cover more than 60 countries supporting international leading parts system international professional machine tool manufacturing team professional enterprise management team reliable after-sales service system.
1. Judu has a customer group of Hooper in more than 60 countries around the world,and a large user group has proved everything.
2. Judu has nearly 20 years of self-service production and manufacturing experience of hoop bending machine,and its quality is more guaranteed.
Judu has an international professional machine tool manufacturing technology team,leading the same industry in design and processing.
4. the imported system is used for the CNC bending machine produced by Judu.
Judu has an international professional enterprise management team and a group of conscientious and skilled workshop workers.
6. after sales,we can enjoy two years or free maintenance service on the door.
Product use:steel processing equipment for Construction Engineering.
Packing Description:domestic ordinary packaging/export wooden case packaging.
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S-Shape Zigzag Sofa Spring Coiling Cutting Making Machine

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