CNC Glass/Slab/Stone/Tile/Ceramic Cutting Table Only

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Basic Info.

After-sales Service
30 Years
Cutting Thickness
Cutting Speed
Loading Speed
15-40 Seconds
Height of The Working Table
Electircy and Air
One Year
Delivery Days
25 Days
380V-50Hz-3 Phases or Custom
Operation Type
Cutting Software
Optimization Software
Operation Manual
Technical Support
Transport Package
Shandong China
HS Code
Production Capacity
10000 Pieces/Year

Product Description

CNC Cutting Table Only

CNC Glass/Slab/Stone/Tile/Ceramic Cutting Table Only

How to know one glass cutting machine is good or not?

Everyone would like to get a good glass cutting machine. But how to know it is good or not?

Now, we are going to share with you some information and hope it is helpful to you.

Firstly, let's see the countertops

All the countertops are made of PVC resin plate, with high hardness, no deformation, waterproof, and oil-proof. Don't choose the foam board, because the disadvantage of it, is easy to deform. Also, the shortcomings of density board are fear of water & oil, high humidity, and easy deformation. The entire surface of our PVC resin board is processed by a processing center, and the surface is very smooth. The unprocessed countertop has poor flatness. When cutting 3mm thick glass, the glass is easy to crack. The thinnest glass thickness that our machine can cut is 2mm.

CNC Glass/Slab/Stone/Tile/Ceramic Cutting Table Only            

Now, let's move on to the whole frame structure

The whole frame is annealed after welding. The purpose of annealing treatment is to release the internal stress of steel welding and prevent deformation during later use, thereby affecting the cutting accuracy. Without annealing heat treatment, the cutting accuracy will be greatly reduced.

The supporting surface of the whole machine for installing the linear guide rail is processed, and the beam is also annealed steel beam. If you use aluminum beams, it will lead to poor cutting accuracy and poor stability. The cutting accuracy of our cutting machine can be guaranteed to be ≤0.2mm.

When the machine sucks glass, it works with a telescopic arm, and the machine does not move back and forth. We designed the linear guides on both sides to be used flat, and the linear guides used in the flat can bear even force, long life, and good stability. If it is used upright, only the upper side is stressed, and the machine makes a lot of noise when cutting glass.

CNC Glass/Slab/Stone/Tile/Ceramic Cutting Table Only

Lastly, let's see the configurations of the main parts
  • Japan Panasonic Sensor
  • German Bohle cutter head
  • American Honeywell Electrical components - Relay
  • Taiwan AirTAC air cylinder
  • Taiwan Meanwell Power Supply
  • Japan Mitsubishi PLC
  • Two motor heads to drive the cutting head
  • Whole machine is free to move, and 360-degree rotate

CNC Glass/Slab/Stone/Tile/Ceramic Cutting Table Only

Parameters of the cutting machine
Technical Parameters TYJT-2420 TYJT3628
Dimensions 3630*4700*1400mm 3910*4700*1450mm
Height of the Working Table 850mm 850mm
Glass Max Processing Size 2440*2000 3660*2800
Cutting Thickness 2-19mm (air pressure control) 2-19mm (air pressure control)
Cutting Speed 0-180m/min 0-180m/min
Voltage & air pressure 380V/50HZ, 0.6MPA 380V/50HZ, 0.6MPA
Loading Speed 15-40 seconds 15-40 seconds
Installed Power 11.8 KW 11.8 KW
Net Weight 3000KG 3100KG

Parameters of the glass break off table
Technical Parameters TYJT-2420 TYJT3628
Dimensions 2500*2000*810mm 2600*4020*810mm

Details Showing
   CNC Glass/Slab/Stone/Tile/Ceramic Cutting Table Only

Smart suction
After one-touch start of the glass, the machine automatically raises the boom, automatically walks and rotates to find the position and angle of the glass, and is equipped with a suction monitoring system to automatically lift the glass to the cutting table after the glass is sucked, automatically scan and cut the glass sheet.

    CNC Glass/Slab/Stone/Tile/Ceramic Cutting Table Only
Smart typography
Input the glass size, the size of the glass to being cut and the cutting shape into the control panel, leaving the left work to this machine, highly improved the work efficiency and time saving.

  CNC Glass/Slab/Stone/Tile/Ceramic Cutting Table Only
Automatic cutting
The cutter head is made of German Boler head and can be rotated freely in 360 degrees to cut any shape. Computer control, automatic cutting according to optimized layout.

   CNC Glass/Slab/Stone/Tile/Ceramic Cutting Table Only

Air floating platform
The machine has an air floating system, and more than one hundred air holes are evenly arranged on the cutting table to ensure the stability of the airflow. It is very easy to push and pull the glass.

Picture Showing
CNC Glass/Slab/Stone/Tile/Ceramic Cutting Table Only

CE Cetifications

CNC Glass/Slab/Stone/Tile/Ceramic Cutting Table Only


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  CNC Glass/Slab/Stone/Tile/Ceramic Cutting Table Only

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