Flatbed Die-Cutter Machine for Corrugated Cardboard or Paperboard

Get high-quality flatbed die-cutter machines for corrugated cardboard or paperboard. Our factory ensures top-notch production for your packaging needs.
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Paper Packaging Materials, Stickers Products, Heat Insulation Material, Insulating Materials, Dust-proof Material, EMI Shielding Materials, Earthquake Products
Electricity Voltage
Made to Customer Request
Transport Package
Plastic Film and Wooden Box
HS Code
Production Capacity
30 Set Per Month

Product Description

Platform Die-cutter
Flatbed Die-Cutter Machine for Corrugated Cardboard or Paperboard

1) MCJ Platform Die-cutter is the improved equipment, to make the special upscale unusual carton, which can slice the side, slice the corner, hurtle the hole, open the slot, press the trace, and other processes.

2) It can make all the above-mentioned processes, into one integral whole process, and merge once mould cutting into the type.

3) The quality of slicing the mould is stable, the size is accurate, the side is hairless.

4) It is clean and tidy, and operated safely and conveniently.
Max Sheet Size 1300*1500mm~2000*3000mm
Design Speed 30~15pcs/min
Platen Die-cutting and Creasing Machine
Flatbed Die-Cutter Machine for Corrugated Cardboard or Paperboard
1) ML Platen Creasing & Die-cutting Machine is hand-feeding-style semi-automatic creasing and cutting machine, for which the engineers absorbed advanced structures to improve the design. Major parts: Stand, pressure frame, electro-magnetic clutch transmission, electrical controller, automatic reset device, automatic counting parts, and according to different application requirements, designed to derive a series of products with different functions.

2) This series product is multi-functional, large pressure cutting edge, easy operation, safety features. It applies pressure cutting a variety of forming cardboard, plastic and leather, etc. Products. Various high-level fine print can be found in the machine on the convex-concave indentation, and thus the print even more exquisite, beautiful, richer three-dimensional sense.
Max Effective Area 750*520mm~2500*1500mm
Max Rule Length 15~80mm
Working Speed 30~15pcs/min
Flatbed Die-cutter & Creaser
Flatbed Die-Cutter Machine for Corrugated Cardboard or Paperboard
1) MY-A Automatic Die-cutting & Creasing Machine adopts automatic top suction head feeding system, more suitable for paperboard or thin E-flute corrugated cardboard.
2) Front, back and side position mechanism ensures perfect die-cutting precision.
3) Adopt intermittent mechanism with high precision, air clutch, pneumatic locking mechanism, programmable controller and man-machine interface.
4) The interface can display various digital information of machine, working speed, amount of sheet processed, total running time, etc.
5) It is easy to eliminate troubles according to the display of trouble shooting.
6) Adopt transducer to control the main motor to achieve stepless speed variation.
7) Equipped with sensors and safe-ensuring devices to guarantee safe operation.
8) Front and back pressure can be adjusted separately.
9) Convenient to stop machine by hand, could also die-cutting without gripper edge.
10) Equipped with auto stripping system and auto stacking unit.
Model MY-S MY-A/Q
Max Sheet Size 1050*750~1500*1100mm 1050*750~1500*1100mm
Min Sheet Size 350*400~450*550mm 350*400~450*550mm
Max Die-cutting Size 1050*750mm~1470*1080mm 1040*720mm~1470*1080mm
Max Pressure 300N/cm 2 300N/cm 2
Die-cutting Precision ±0.1mm ±0.1mm
Paperboard Sheet 200~2000gsm 200~2000gsm
Corrugated Sheet 1~8mm 1~8mm
Max Stacking Height 1200mm 1200mm
Design Speed 4500sheets/h 4500~7500sheets/h
Flatbed Die-Cutter Machine for Corrugated Cardboard or Paperboard

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